Your skin also needs to breathe and be full of energy

VIIcode's EOPE series is a magical oxygenating plant extract containing the original oxygenating plant extract EOPE-Ⅰ and concentrated oxygenating plant essence EOPE-Ⅱ, which possesses excellent cell repairing ability. The unique oxyginberry can quickly penetrate into the bottom of the skin, 360° oxygen protection, so that the skin from the loss of elasticity and dryness gradually become smooth and tender, the signs of ageing fade one by one. In addition, our core ingredient Vadaniya and EOPE-Ⅲ, the oxygenating plant extract, can awaken the dormant skin state, activate cellular memory, let the skin genes are activated to wake up, at this moment, beauty is possible.

Blending Technology & Nature

Discover the excellent skincare effects of EOPE -Ⅰ & Ⅱ & Ⅲ

The VIIcode brand has been committed to providing women with the highest quality skin care products. After years of research, we have sifted through over 50,000 active botanical ingredients to discover a unique combination of oxygenating molecules that contribute to positive cell growth and the production of mnemonics. We infuse this unique combination of oxygenating botanicals into our products to give skin the powerful power of life.

Scientific studies have shown that when cells continue to consume oxygen to produce energy for the cell in a hypoxic situation, they stimulate a large production of free radicals as a by-product, leading to an imbalance in the number of free radicals in the cell. These free radicals not only attack the mitochondrial inner membrane, leading to a decline in mitochondrial energy production, but also attack mitochondrial DNA, leaving the mitochondria damaged and unrepaired. Eventually, the cells tend to die due to the decrease in energy, accelerating the aging process of the skin.

The VIIcode brand believes that only through in-depth research and understanding of the skin's internal mechanisms can we truly provide women with effective skincare solutions for healthier, younger, more beautiful skin. We are committed to creating the best skincare products for women to feel the power of skin rejuvenation and spiritual upliftment.

Women are a group of people who are always taking care of their skin, and VIIcode has spent years of research discovering a unique combination of oxygenating molecules that help awaken positive cellular memory growth. At the same time, VIIcode's oxygenating botanicals are infused with life force to help brighten skin immediately and over time. Under the stimulation of certain external substances, it is possible to restore the memory of the skin state of cells at a certain period of time by releasing the state genetic precipitation memory of cells and awakening specific information in the database, thus helping to brighten the skin while enhancing the feeling of richness from efficient moisturization.

VIIcode also enhances the activity of mitochondrial DNA, boosts the ability of the respiratory chain to utilize oxygen, enhances the function of dehydrogenase in mitochondria, promotes the mass production of ATPase, restores mitochondrial vitality, and provides cells with the necessary energy to repair mitochondria, restore full and normal cells, and solve skin problems such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and dullness. Therefore, choose VIIcode brand to renew the golden hour, show the unique and elegant style, let the skin glow with confidence, and let every woman feel her power and beauty.


There is only one ingredient that can recreate the radiant glory

In every woman's life, there are those special moments that are as precious as a crown, yet fleeting. These moments are as lofty as the top of the Alps and make us long to possess them permanently. But as time goes by, the aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles make these moments even more fleeting and difficult to capture. However, it is in these moments that the core memory factor in cells, cellular information memory (CIMC), is awakened, and they are the inspiration for building the dormant genes that stimulate CIMC. When we transform these moments into constant beauty, our elegant beauty is sublimated.
From the age of 20, women need to start taking care of their eyes, because the eye area is where the first wrinkles of life arise. Once wrinkles appear, it means that the channel of skin aging has been opened and cannot be stopped. Tiny fine lines should not be ignored because they can be the first step of aging.
Exploring the cornerstone of everlasting beauty, cellular information mnemonic can act on different muscle layers to first improve the skin's natural defense system and enhance moisturizing ability to protect itself. At the same time, it improves the skin's own resurfacing process, accelerating cellular repair by supplying energy to alleviate the losses caused by aging. This unique living cellular essence revitalizes the cells of the source of beauty with new life and vital energy.
Cellular information mnemonic is found in the mitochondria of cells and is essential for mitochondrial DNA, which has genetic properties and plays an important role in mitochondria as well as cell division and growth. It works to help brighten the skin immediately and over time, renewing the golden moment so that every woman can have her own constant beauty.

Oxygenated Molecules

Oxygen molecules, known as the "underlying code", are the result of years of research by VIIcode experts who have sifted through more than 50,000 active plant ingredients.