Addresses skin aging, oxidation, dullness, dark circles, fine lines, pigmentation and other problems caused by lack of oxygen under the eyes.


Solve eye problems such as dark circles, eye bags, eye lines and dullness caused by lackingoxygen under the eyes.

Oxygen And Skin Aging

American scientific experiments have shown that muscle oxygen consumption and human metabolism are directly related, and skin aging and oxygen content are closely related. With 20,000 blinks per capita per day, the huge oxygen consumption leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the skin around the eyes, and the epidermal cells show a dormant and sleepy state.

The Key From The Amazonian Magic

The pigments applied to the Indian face are the result of the fermentation of a variety of amazing plants with extraordinary energy. Consistent use of T2 Oxygen Eye Cream is like giving your delicate skin a daily dose of "plenty of fresh air" to boost its oxygen intake capacity.
Our GenesIs it true that skin texture is unchangeable? Genetics has shown that the environment we live in, the stresses we experience and the emotional factorsGenetics shows that the environment we live in, the stress we experience and emotional factors directly affect the expression of genes and the synthesis of youthful proteins in our skin.Happiness, sadness, environmental changes...


Deeply awakens eye skin cellular information memory. Promotes the revitalization of the eye skin, rebuilds the skin's oxygen-absorbing capacity Increase the oxygen content of the skin and make the skin rosy and elastic

Welwitschia Mirabilis

Centella asiatica embryo beads, which have the ability to revitalize and revive themselves, give fragile skin its mysterious power.

Resurrection Fern

The water-only element is used to awaken the power of cells to absorb oxygen on their own and return themselves to the source of vitality.