Are Expensive Eye Creams Good For You?

Are Expensive Eye Creams Good For You?

  The opinion from influencers are too professional and detailed, and the skin care novices may not understand it. Let me talk about this from an ordinary person's point of view.

  From 2012 years to now, 10 years ago, I have used no less than 30 eye creams from different brands, all of which include expensive and cheap. I am in the skin care industry myself, and I have thoroughly figured out the best use of eye creams. We analyze the difference between expensive eye cream and cheap eye cream from the following three points.

The difference in texture

  This point can be attributed to the difference in the feeling of use. I believe that when most girls apply skin care products, they not only care about its effect, but also care about its experience of using. No one likes skin care products that are sticky after application. Expensive eye cream can help you to solve this problem.

  In most expensive eye creams, the ingredients that help the product become absorbent are added. When you use it, there will be no sticky feeling at all, and the absorption is very fast. No matter how thick the eye cream is, there will be no fat granules. In order to let you feel its moisturizing texture, the cheap eye cream has a lot of viscous agents, and it does not consider whether your skin will absorb it or not.

Differences in ingredients

  I don’t know if everyone has discovered this problem. Have you ever found that the expensive eye creams generally have a main ingredient, such as Boseine and caffeine, which are raw materials that have a good eye repairing effect on the eyes. and are considered precious ingredients. In order to save cost, the cheap eye cream will not have these added ingredients, and inferior moisturizing agents and thickeners will be added.

Differences in technology

  If you ask an ordinary person, why is this eye cream so expensive? He will definitely answer because of its excellent ingredients. But in fact, this answer is only half right. What really makes this eye cream so effective, beside the ingredients, they have core technology.

  Each iconic brand has its own exclusive technology, which can make Boseine, caffeine and other precious ingredients work perfectly and enhance the skin care effect. That's why famous skincare brands can never be imitated.

  In the following paragraph, I highly recommend this expensive eye cream based on my extensive personal experience.

VIIcode T2 Oxygen Eye Cream

  Among the expensive eye creams, my favorite one is the less popular eye cream, because it has less advertising, less marketing, and is more practical. This VIIcode T2 Oxygen eye cream was recommended by a friend of mine many years ago. It is a brand from the United States. It was used by some noblewomen in the past, and the social circle was relatively small, so it did not become popular. I've always been interested in the brands used by noblewomen, so I bought a bottle, and I did not initially expect the amazing results.

  Its ingredients are not particularly prominent, just the active oxygen essence extracted from some cherished plants, mainly because it has proposed a set of very effective solutions for eye problems. They believe that the reason why our eyes have serious skin problems are caused by the lack of oxygen for this skin area. Therefore, there is only one core ingredient in its product, which is the active oxygen essence.

  In order to make the active oxygen essence more accurate against eye problems and exert the greatest effect, it has also developed a T2 stone mortar technology. This technology not only allows the oxygen essence to be completely absorbed into our skin, but also maximizes the activity of the oxygen to the greatest extent.

You can even feel the eye area being nourished when you apply the eye cream, as if there is a steady flow of oxygen into our skin. Since it's a creamy texture, it's relatively moisturizing, so I usually apply it at night and then go to bed. I don't apply it in the morning, because there is a significant concern about developing fat granules.

" I have used about 3 bottles, and the skin around my eyes has been significantly improved. My big dark circles and bags under the eyes are obviously "reduced", and the fine lines are gradually becoming lighter. The most important thing is: No matter how long I stayed up late, I did not get the tired appearance of staying up late at all."


My friends, don't be fooled by some bloggers. They are falsely saying that other expensive eye creams have premium brand value over this exact product. You have to figure out one thing: : an expensive item has a reason for its higher price.



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