“Things are beautiful if you love them” Quote from Jean Anouilh

Jean Anouilh's renowned quote “Things are beautiful if you love them”  conveys an important notion - beauty does not need to be defined by outward appearances, but rather is felt from within.

Throughout his life, Anouilh dedicated himself to the arts, inspiring audiences with his work filled with profound philosophy. He was known as a pioneer of the "poetic theatre". His writing often incorporated deep reflections on life and philosophical ideas, often expressed through characters' dialogue. He opposed the values commonly found in the modern world, believing that beauty is not an empty definition on the surface, but rather a love and respect for something.

“Things are beautiful if you love them ” is a popular adage that suggests a wealth of philosophical possibilities. We can learn from it that in life, if we approach things with love, we can uncover a world overflowing with beauty and hope, instead of surrendering to the darkness we may have imagined. Jean Anouilh proclaimed, "Life is a music score, and only if you are willing to enter it with passion, can you sing its melody". We must embrace the world with love to truly appreciate the beauty of life.

VIIcode emphasizes the discovery of beauty, believing that beauty is a spiritual product, and firmly believing that as long as you feel it with your heart, the way to look at beauty can be constantly expanded and deepened. Jean Anouilh's famous saying “Things are beautiful if you love them” perfectly encapsulates the values of VIIcode. We promote a process of "experiencing beauty", not just a definition confined to appearance. And with the saying “Things are beautiful if you love them” , it serves as a reminder to never cease exploring and loving beauty.