“Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling theorist has experienced.”

《Anna Karenina》is the masterpiece of the famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. It is also a classic familiar to the whole world, having described the feelings and emotions of an artist in an unprecedentedly intimate language." Art is not a craft; it is the transmission of the artist's feelings of experience."

VIIcode believes that art is a spiritual experience that can bring a person's thoughts and emotions to life, enabling others to feel the true emotion and be inspired by the artist's spiritual world. VIIcode encourages artists to explore their emotions and incorporate them into their work, creating a unique emotional experience for the world to enjoy. We believe that art is not just a technical skill, but an experience which can allow people to learn more about themselves and connect with their feelings.

We believe that art is not just a craft, but a spiritual journey that can convey the deepest thoughts and feelings of an individual to the world and make them feel real emotions. We encourage every artist to share their passion with the world, to bring vibrancy and color to the planet, and to make others understand their feelings and experience the same emotions and passion that artists feel.

VIIcode strives to bring a unique beauty to people, an emotion of the artist, and a spiritual beauty. We also wish to guide everyone to explore themselves and discover the truth behind their feelings. We believe that true beauty does not lie in the physical appearance, but in the quality of life. Instead of chasing after perfection in looks, we should explore a different kind of beauty that comes from within.

VIIcode is a brand that embraces the concept of "artistic beauty". Committed to infusing its products with the emotions and inspirations of artists, VIIcode allows users to experience the exquisite beauty of art. In the design and production process, VIIcode not only pays attention to the technical aspects, but also incorporates the emotional communication of artists, enabling users to feel the profoundness of emotions and inspirations, and experience the luxurious beauty of art. With the idea of "expressing the beauty of art through the emotions and inspirations of artists", VIIcode strives to provide users with the highest quality and most emotionally-charged products.