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Centennial Orchid

VIIbeauty Lab extracts miraculous repairing properties from the root of Centennial Orchid. Concentrated into a new essence molecule, called CRHCM(centenarian root highly concentrated molecule). This ingredient has been found in studies to be beneficial in revitalizing and increasing the skin's anti-aging capabilities. After the skin is repaired by high-firming effect of Centennial Orchid, the signs of aging will be faded, and the skin will look younger.

Revitalizing fern

The revitalizing fern active oxygen extract which extracted with the exclusive low-temperature fermentation technology that improve the oxygen absorption capacity and revitalize cells, like helping the skin to do aerobic exercise, boosting plenty of vitality for the skin, firming the skin, reducing fine lines, restore elasticity and optimize.

Evening Primrose

Rich in vitamins, minerals and y-linolenic acid (GLA), it can maintain the health of cell membranes, allow cells to retain more water, repair skin, relieve eczema, dry itching, delay skin aging and make skin tender.


Elderberry extract helps to promote eye skin renewal, dilute dark circles, and smooth fine wrinkles around the eyes. It is rich in vitamin E which stimulate the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides and collagen substances in skin cells around the eyes. Deeply moisturizes the skin and can be quickly absorbed by the skin, effectively tightening the skin around the eyes from the inner skin layer to the surface layer, it also improving puffiness, eye bags and fine lines.



step1. Close your eyes, start from the lower eyelid, gently massage from innerconer to the outer corner of the eye to lift at 45°, repeat 5 times.

Step2. Start from the upper eyelid, gently massage, repeat 5 times.


step1. Take a bean-sized amount of eye cream, dab it on the eye area with your ring finger, and spread.

step2. The massage should be done along the inner corner of the eye, the upper eyelid, the outer of the eye, and the lower eyelid, when massaging,do not force downwards , but stretch upwards. Massage time is about 3 minutes.

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Upgraded Oxyginberry EOPE-III

it will enhance the performance of skincare routine

Upgraded Oxyginberry EOPE-III

it will enhance the performance of skincare routine.

A Journey Of Healing

VIIcode Ecological Oxygenating Plant Extracts is available in several ratios, and these formulas meet the needs of different skin types to give skin its true power and beauty.

The distinguishing feature of the Indians here is the oil that is applied to their faces. These oils are made from the natural fruits and plants of the rainforest and are made from a special magical essence using a fermentation method handed down from our ancestors.

Welwitschia Mirabilis

Centella asiatica embryo beads, which have the ability to revitalize and revive themselves, give fragile skin its mysterious power.

Resurrection Fern

The water element is used to awaken the power of cells to absorb oxygen on their own and return themselves to the source of vitality.

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Stunning Skin Renewal Effect Under The Eyes

Day after day, it infuses the eye area with oxygenating energy to bring out the vitality of your eyes!

Innovative Effects To Fight The Signs Of Skin Aging

Its luxuriously delicate, skin-permeating cream texture nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes. It makes your skin look younger every day.

"T2" masonry extraction process with constant fermentation in an ancient ice cave masonry

The special stone mortar contains a large number of trace elements required by the human body. In order to retain the active ingredients of the plants effectively, each plant is transferred to a unique preservation facility after manual harvesting and tested to ensure that the trace elements are at a certain level.

Precious Energy

Precious active ingredients are carefully sculpted by master artisans to ensure that their powerful energizing and oxygenating properties are preserved. Because of the variety of ingredients, they require true hand blending, like exquisite "Haute Courture ".

The Exquisite Ingredients Of "Luxury Custom"

Excellence is at the heart of the laboratory's quest. Each product update is highly anticipated, and new formulations are developed around "oxygenated botanical extracts" to ensure that these ingredients are preserved and can provide better repair results.

Oxygen and Skin Aging

Scientific experiments in the United States have shown that muscle oxygen consumption is directly related to human metabolism and that skin aging is closely related to oxygen levels. With 20,000 blinks per capita per day, the huge oxygen consumption leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the skin around the eyes, and the epidermal cells show a dormant and sleepy state
Our Genes Is it true that skin texture is unchangeable? Genetics has shown that the environment we live in, the stresses we experience and the emotional factors would directly affect the expression of genes and the synthesis of youthful proteins in our skin.Happiness, sadness, environmental changes...


Deeply awakens eye skin cellular information memory. Promotes the revitalization of the eye skin, rebuilds the skin's oxygen-absorbing capacity Increase the oxygen content of the skin and make the skin rosy and elastic

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