VIIcode Brand Origin


Two centuries ago, a mysterious botanical legend inspired Byrne Victor, an Austrian-born medical Jewish family, Using the most luxurious and oxygen-tolerant plants of the Alps, through an ancient and demanding fermentation process, to extract EOPE (ECOLOGICAL OXYGEN PLANT EXTRACTION), the core ingredient that enhances the circulation of the eye area, its oxygenating energy infuses a different interpretation of skin care.


For a long time, eye care was closely linked to oxygen, giving birth to many botanical oxygen care places. But it was not until the 1960s that this treatment became popular because of the feminist movement. Gradually some strong care clubs try this kind of fine luxury care, get unanimous praise. Because of the expensive cost, only high-end skin care spa clubs used oxygenated plant extracts in the treatment to help people solve the accumulation of eye problems. Therefore did not enter the public eye for a long time.


There is a proliferation of cosmetic brands and side lines, each leading the way in technological innovation. A company based in skin management and eye oxygenation and another gallery with far-reaching significance, Mayflower Callery, made a subtle connection. Perhaps it was God's providence that two companies with a relentless pursuit of beauty met at a specific time, combining classical Western culture, French artistic inspiration and the popular marketing methods of the time, and this collaboration was successfully implemented, giving the products a higher artistic sophistication.


The bold attempt to apply oxygenated plant extracts and spa eye therapy to beauty products has become a turning point in the eye care world.


With the acquisition of Mayflower Callery by Millionaire lnternational Group and Do Right International Group, the company has undergone a historic transformation to focus on skin management and eye care using an artistic approach. Using the elements of nature with the innovation and creativity of modern science, the company provides a natural and comfortable experience that people can feel in their bodies and minds. This approach has made the expensive and exclusive spa oxygen therapy widely available, which is quite new and convincing to consumers.


The company proposed that women could take a long-term approach to skin care to address their eye skin problems. This was both safe and in line with the laws of the skin, a concept that was vastly different from the skincare brand philosophy of the time, which emphasized timely results, mystery and romance.
"Elegance," "art," "safety," and "health" have always been the pulse of the company's products and are present in every This has led the company to a different path of development. This has led the company down an unusual and long road of development.


The company has set strict product standards.
Each VIIcode product is subjected to tens of thousands of safety tests, dozens of quality controls and certifications by skin experts.


The first to establish a professional beauty research institute and eye care archive center with members focusing on oxygen, and cooperate with many SPA clubs and beauty institutions around the world.
The first O3 series of all-star oxygen eye creams were created to be customized for different skin types. This eye cream represents the exclusive customization level of VIIcode at that time, incorporating the new upgraded Oxygen Phytochemical Extract, the soul ingredient EOPE reaches the bottom of the muscle, nourishes the skin around the eye area from the deepest level, improves the ability of oxygen absorption and oxygen locking of the eye area, and doubles the luxury pampering.
The skin around the eyes is plumped up like cream, full of firmness, and regains a full sense of youth. This product is called the true meaning of the eye spa oxygen care products; in the high-end skin care spa club has won historic success, won unanimous praise.


The company established a professional oxygen plant research center in Asia. In order to meet the challenge of the new direction of the company's development, an internet-based exclusive member profile center is established and the company focuses on developing a line of daily skin care products, the Oxygen Patch.
While in the past decades oxygen patches were only available to the exclusive clubs of Millionaire International Group, this time the company aims for a global market. The change in the company's new direction has led to nearly a decade of vigorous growth.


The first market-oriented oxygen care products "VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for all night repair" was born, the original club luxury experience service experience to the night oxygen eye patch service.
Compared with the previous expensive high-end skin care spa services, the 8-hour spa experience night oxygen eye patch is more convenient. Magic skin care products and advanced beauty concept, so that the night oxygen eye patch quickly by the global customers respected and loved.


In order to further improve the eye skin care system, the company acquired Ozark, Inc. and changed its name to VII Beauty Group in the same year, which marked the scale and strength of the company to a higher stage of development.
VlI Beauty Group seized the opportunity to establish a complete membership system in the process of development, and in 2011, the second product of the Oxygen Eye Patch family was born, "VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for dark circles".


The much-anticipated T2 Oxygen Eye Cream O2.5 and T2 Oxygen Eye Cream O3.0 are officially launched. This series of products is another hot product in terms of word-of-mouth sex and sales after the Oxygen Eye Patch series. From the early development to the launch, huge scientific research force and human cost were invested.
It can be said that each product of VIIcode, not only pursues the inner quality, but also treats it as a work of art, a product that is hard to match in the world to create with care. This innovative artistic atmosphere has been inherited from the classical, elegant and luxurious culture brought by Mayflower Callery 20 years ago.


Since its development, VIIcode has formed a complete line of care products. For nearly 30 years, "elegance" and "art" have been the veins of VII Bcauty Group's products, and are present in every detail of VII Beauty Group's products. In the global beauty industry, only VIIcode has consistently focused on eye oxygen treatment. The same lineage of behavior, and professional and advanced beauty concept, is the VII Beauty Group based on the global skin care industry's different banner.