What is the most Effective Way to Remove Eye Wrinkles?

What is the most Effective Way to Remove Eye Wrinkles?

  Many individuals have a misunderstanding about eye wrinkles; they think that women have eye wrinkles at a certain age, but this is not the case. Eye lines are divided into false dry lines and true wrinkles. True wrinkles do appear only on older women's faces, but false dry lines can appear on young girls' faces at any time. So, young girls, don't take chances, if you feel that you are still young and won't grow wrinkles, you might be wrong, therefore, what are the causes of false dry lines and true wrinkles? Let's move on.

False dry lines: It is generally caused by the lack of water in the stratum corneum. If you do not hydrate the skin around the eyes for a long time, the skin of eyes area will become very dry, and the muscles around the eyes will not be able to support them, and the skin will become loose. One place begins to relax, and other places gradually begin to loose, too, and then dry lines will appear afterward.

Genuine wrinkles: There are linear lines in the epidermis layer caused by acanthosis cells. It is deeper and more stubborn than false dry lines. It is difficult to remove it with ordinary eye creams. Generally, only women over 30 years old will be affected.

Is there any way to fade eye lines?

1. Spend a few minutes a day massaging the eye area

The straight line under the eye area

Location: From the inner corner of the eye to the lower eyelid, the lines are very fine

Correct method: press the temple with one hand, and use the other hand to gently push the inner corner of the eye with the middle finger and ring finger

Fine lines of the bags under the eye

Position: in the position of the bags under the eye, in the form of "straight line" or "cross line"

Correct method: Use the middle finger and ring finger to gently lift from the inner corner of the eye to the temple, which make lifting effect better

Crow's Feet

Location: end of eye

Correct method: Use V of finger gesture to press the skin at the end of the eye, and use the other middle finger or ring finger to massage in circles at the end of the eye. This will not pull the skin and aggravate crow's feet.

2. Makeup removal is very important

  It is true that improper makeup removal will make you look ten years older. If you don't remove your eye makeup clearly, the residue of eyeliner and eye shadow will penetrate the skin, causing clogged pores and a series of skin problems. Therefore, everyone must take serious of removing makeup, especially eye makeup. Use a mild eye and lip makeup remover to remove it, which is cleaner than makeup remover oil and cleansing cream and does not hurt the skin.

3. How to get rid of edema?

Many girls have edema in the skin in the morning, especially girls who stay up late. How can edema be eliminated? Very simple, you take two spoons on your eyelids, close your eyes and wait for about 3 minutes, the edema will reduce a lot. Remember, the spoon must be cold, if it is not cool enough, you can freeze it for a while.

4. Provide sufficient moisture and nutrition to the skin around the eyes

The skin around our eyes is very thin and fragile, so you need to use special eye skin care products to nourish the skin around the eyes, the most commonly used product would be eye creams and eye masks. Eye cream can solve false dry lines. If you are young, using eye cream is enough, but you must keep using it, otherwise moisture will be easily lost, and dry lines will not be so easy to remove.

The eye mask is more suitable for older girls, especially those who have crow's feet and genuine wrinkles. One of the eye masks I often use is VIIcode O2M overnight repair oxygen eye mask, which works really well, and I higly recommend it to everyone.

VIIcode O2M overnight repair oxygen eye mask is an oxygen-replenishing eye mask. It can be applied overnight. It can intensively oxygenate your skin at night, and secretly repair your skin of eye area while you are asleep, so the effect is visible. You can clearly feel the effect after using it.

It contains a lot of jelly essence, you will feel very comfortable when you apply it under your eyes, it is cold, and you can obviously feel that the skin under your eyes is slowly absorbing nutrients. After applying it, the skin around the eyes is tender and supple. Insist on applying VIIcode O2M overnight repair oxygen eye mask 2-3 times a week. After 1 month, the eye lines will be significantly improved. The dry lines will definitely fade a lot. Eye circles aren't that noticeable anymore. If you use it for a while, you will discover that it can be called an eye line eraser.


It is said that the eyes can reveal a person's real age, so everyone must take good care of your skin around the eyes, and don't be lazy. For a young girl, you should start to prevent eye lines, and for adult women, you need to find ways to lighten them. Once the eye lines are removed your age can be truly hidden.

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